Stephen D. Garrison, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer

Professional Vitae: 

Few are more passionate about the integrity of true leadership and enhancing the importance for leaders to perform outside the scope of mainstream philosophies than Stephen Garrison.  He combines his 40+ years of experience in Risk Analysis & Mitigation, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Naval Intelligence/Counter-Terrorism, and Higher Education to actively engage independent thinking from fellow professionals.

Stephen is Founder and CEO of Magnus Confidential, Inc. an OVERWATCH consulting firm specializing in threat analysis and risk mitigation beyond the standard incorporated engagements.

He is also Founder and CEO of Med Law Advisors, Inc. a Healthcare Compliance Advisory firm, providing expertise to legal teams, health care providers, accountants, and related organizations. 

Utilizing intellect and divergent thinking, he seeks to shape strategic debate, accelerate optimal performance, and successfully position leaders to push beyond accepted norms. 

  • MIT - Sloan School of Management, Executive Program
  • University of Notre Dame - Mendoza College of Business, Executive Program
  • MBA, Summa Cum Laude, W. Edwards Deming School of Business, William Howard Taft University
  • B. S. Business, Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi, North Georgia College and State University (a Senior Military University)
  • U. S. Navy Veteran - Naval Intelligence, Top Secret SCI Clearance, Special Operations Command - NAVSECGRU, NAVSECSTA, NOSIC, NIPSSA, - Washington, DC and abroad.
  • Forensic Interviewer

Stephen’s keen insights into the mind of leadership and the ability to mitigate risk and optimize operations have been used to design and facilitate think-tank and strategic planning activities in a variety of settings.  His advice and counsel are sought regularly by leaders in business, health care, education, and the government sector.